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Ab Initio at BBI

We've been here since the beginning

From pre-GDE days, to the newest cloud solution updates, our experts have been with Ab Initio every step of the way. BBI’s founding members and top leaders come from Knightsbridge Solutions, where they developed deep solutioning and delivery experience in Ab Initio in early 2000. With our leaders’ 20+ years of deep working relationship with Ab Initio, BBI has become one of the trusted implementers of Ab Initio solutions.

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Collection of tech stack logos, including terraform, ansible, bitbucket, splunk, aws, and docker

Your Ab Initio -> Cloud Roadmap

We partner with large enterprises to build automated Ab Initio provisioning in the cloud. We work closely with internal client teams to take your organization from infrastructure setup to ongoing support post-deployment.

  • Automate Cloud Infrastructure Setup
  • Automate Cloud Ab Initio Product Installation
  • Transform Applications and Tools for Cloud Compatibility
  • Define Migration Process
  • Set up Containerization
  • Implement Tokenization
  • Define Deployment Process
  • Ongoing Cloud Support for Internal Teams 

We provide solutions within the broader Ab Initio tool suite, including Express>It, Continuous Flows, Data Profiler, Control Center, Query>It, and more.

We also have extensive experience in designing and delivering Data Governance and Data Lineage solutions using Metadata Hub. Our team has demonstrated experience with several advanced Ab Initio concepts:

  • Project architecture
  • Meta-programming
  • Vectors
  • Parallelism
  • Performance tuning
  • Debugging
  • SMP/MPP architectures
  • Platform integrations (Hadoop, Java, C, etc.)
  • Building CI/CD pipelines, Jenkins automation.

BBI has extensive experience with Ab Initio Co>Operating upgrades and software installations, including building utilities to perform impact analysis before starting the upgrade.

We have vast experience in developing accelerators (e.g., scheduler simulator, baseline comparison) for performing regression testing and volume testing to make sure that all applications are running correctly after the upgrade.

We have also done successful migration of the Co>Operating system across different flavors of Unix and Linux: RHEL, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, and more.

We are partners with all major cloud providers, and experts at smooth migration.

Highlights include:

  • Reducing migration and storage cost for a one-time AWS migration by analyzing the data volume, access frequency and other metrics and suggested optimal snow devices and bucketing strategies.
  • Migrated Ab Initio to EC2 via containerization with Docker, and orchestrating with Kubernetes.
  • Reconciliation processes to ensure migration quality via comparisons between cloud and on-prem data.

We created a framework for automating processes for unit testing, QA and regression testing that tracks changes to the EME and publishes metrics on a Jenkins dashboard for monitoring. 

For the movement of test data from production to development/testing environments, we've built utilities that use TDM (Test Data Management) to mask all the classified data and move them to the target environment.

Beyond on-site training regularly conducted by Ab Initio staff to our teams, BBI maintains a fully licensed and authorized Ab Initio training LAB environment for our staff with advanced training curriculums and certifications for:

  • Core product (Co>Operating, EME, etc.)
  • Metadata Hub
  • Express>It
  • Continuous>Flows (including Web Services)
  • Control Center
  • Data Profiling
  • Kubernetes with Ab Initio
Update Java codebase and Ab Initio graphs to be cloud-compatible.

Built the only real-time Ab Initio application for fulfillment with high availability on-prem addressed by ~40 Ab Initio online servers.

See our work in action
Enhanced security protocols for applying changes in Ab Initio (insert/updates/deletes) to cloud database.
Infrastructure provisioning for automated Ab Initio code/application setup.