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BBI University: Learn, Create & Grow

BBI University

Continuous education is more than an internal goal at BBI: it’s a mission. Over three years ago in a world changed by Covid and shifting economics, BBI President Bala Palanivelu conceived the idea for BBI University — a new learning and development function that would offer opportunity to early career candidates and increase BBI’s capacity for flexible with client technology. 

Cofounder Balananda Vallamkondu ran with the idea and the University was officially started in January 2021. It initially focused on recruiting recent graduates in data engineering and software development, aiming to provide them with the support necessary to thrive in the IT industry.  

Today, it’s led and run by Dr. Kumudha Padmanaban, Deepthi Nareshkumar, and Deepa Malepati, all of whom are passionate about education and opportunity. Asked the best part of working with the University, the unanimous answer is getting to create a positive impact for folks at BBI every day. Together, they have built programs around recruitment, training, and continuous learning services throughout the organization. 

Let’s dive into what that looks like in practice. 

Comprehensive Education

The BBI University team is encouraged by leadership to think of new programs and options to launch within the function, they work hard to conduct research into the best methods for getting employees involved and ensuring they're accessing useful and productive educational resources. 

Like the rest of BBI, the University values simplicity and avoids creating bureaucratic hoops to jump through. Rather, the team documents all they do to ensure processes exist and are maintained that increase efficiency and makes folks' lives easier as they move through the University. There is a lot of cross-functional work with managers and project managers to understand the business' overall needs.  

BBI University Programs

At BBI, we believe in equipping our employees not only with technical skills but also with the soft skills and leadership abilities necessary for success in today's collaborative workplaces. Here's a glimpse of the programs on offer: 

  • Fresher Recruitment: Bringing in new graduates in data engineering, cloud certifications, and software engineering. 
  • Fresher Boot Camp/Training:
    • Technical: Java, Python, SQL, Airflow, PySpark, DevOps, Commercial Cloud Platforms
    • Soft Skills: Business Communication, Presentation Best Practices, Time Management, Interpersonal 
    • Leadership: Accountability & Responsibility, Teamwork & Collaboration, Decision-making, Negotiation 
  • Regular Knowledge-Sharing Events:
    • Enlighteners Sessions: External experts present on emerging technical topics
    • Knowledge Bites: Internal BBI employees present on technical and personal topics; recent sessions include Application DevOps Migration Enablement, Photography Basics, Introduction to Ham Radio, and Automated AMI Updates in AWS EC2  
  • Hackathons: Employees from all levels and departments come together to brainstorm and create, with prizes for the most innovative solutions; learn more about a recent Hacker event here
  • Continuous Technical Learning and Assessment: Upskill/reskill trainings for project folks based on business and project needs, including certifications.  

The certifications are a key aspect of BBI University. With over 200 certifications issued as of early 2024, we take pride in providing our team with validation, credibility, and opportunities for career advancement. These certifications also enable BBI to achieve partnership level upgrades within partner programs, including AWS and Google Cloud.   

Driving Growth

BBI University’s impact extends past internal growth and engagement. By investing in our team's development, we're able to deliver even greater value to clients — accelerating projects, driving technical improvements, and ultimately helping them achieve their business objectives. 

As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain steadfast in our dedication to empowering our team, clients, and industry. Follow BBI on LinkedIn to stay updated on our latest insights, services, and opportunities for collaboration.