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DataConnect Conference 2024

DataConnect is a leading, inclusive event focused on the latest advancements in data, analytics, and AI. Run by Women in Analytics, this year’s event is set to take place in Columbus, Ohio, on July 11-12, 2024.

BBI President and Co-Founder, Balasubramanian Palanivelu, will be attending this year for the first time. We are excited to send one of our leaders and look forward to sharing his experience after the conference.

In this post, we’ll provide a quick overview for those new to DataConnect — including sessions we’re especially interested in and why we believe it’s important to attend.

Key DataConnect Sessions

This year’s conference promises an impressive line-up of sessions. At BBI, our core focus is data engineering, with services spanning data migration, data integration, GenAI, and more. Here are five key sessions we’re particularly looking forward to:

  1. Tutorial | No-Code and Low-Code AI: A Practical Project-Driven Approach to ML
    • Presenter: Gwendolyn D. Stripling, PhD, Google Cloud
    • This session delves into practical approaches for leveraging no-code and low-code tools to drive machine learning projects, which is crucial for data modernization and AI innovation.
  2. Navigate the AI Maze with Women Defining AI: An Interactive "Choose Your Own Adventure" Panel Discussion
    • Presenters: Helen Lee Kupp, Ketaki Sodhi, Nichole Sterling
    • The panel includes practical solutions and decision-making frameworks, offering a unique, interactive approach to understanding AI.
  3. A Data Driven Approach to Becoming an AI Enabled Organization
    • Presenter: Sadie St. Lawrence, Human Machine Collaboration Institute & Women in Data
    • This session will explore strategies for integrating AI into organizational workflows, with a strategic framework for transitioning into an AI-powered entity
  4. The Data Dilemma: Why Companies Must Rethink Data Management for Generative AI Success
    • Presenter: Kathy Koontz, AWS
    • This session addresses the critical need for effective data management to ensure the success of generative AI projects, We look forward to the focus on a modern data strategy and AI strategy.
  5. Turning Bits into Bucks: How to Conduct a Data Valuation Assessment
    • Presenter: Nicole Janeway Bills, Data Strategy Professionals
    • Focused on the financial aspects of data, this session will help us understand focuses on assessing and maximizing the value of our data assets. This is crucial for our data modernization and data governance initiatives.

Informed Growth

BBI has ambitious growth plans for 2024/2025 and staying on top of industry advancements, talented vendors, and compelling thought leaders, is required for us to succeed. Events like DataConnect provide a fulfilling and interesting way to touch base with the community.

DataConnect in particular has the unique quality of only including women, nonbinary individuals, and genderfluid individuals as speakers — offering a diverse range of perspectives, enriching our understanding and approach to various data challenges.

By connecting with industry thought leaders, potential partners, and fellow data professionals, we continue to live our mission of empowering our clients through robust and innovation data foundations.

DataConnect 2024: Get in Touch!

Will you be at DataConnect this year?

We encourage anyone attending the conference to connect with Bala on LinkedIn here or get in touch via our contact page. We’d love to hear what you’re most excited to see at the conference and the themes you’re seeing in the data space.