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Investing in Innovation: BBI Accelerators

Organizations constantly seek ways to streamline data processes, cut costs, and accelerate digital transformation. At BBI, we understand the pivotal role data plays in driving business efficiencies and supporting enhanced operations. Our innovative data and GenAI Accelerators are designed to address these needs effectively.

Data Accelerators

What are Accelerators?

Accelerators are our pre-built, reusable components or frameworks that address common challenges or processes in data engineering projects. They are designed to speed up development, improve quality, and reduce the effort required to implement standard functionalities.

Key characteristics of Accelerators:

  1. Reusability across multiple projects
  2. Provide standardized approaches to specific tasks
  3. Often modular and customizable

By leveraging these pre-built assets, we significantly reduce the time and effort required for data discovery, design, development, and testing.

BBI’s Sample Accelerators

We have developed a diverse library of Accelerators tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our key Accelerators focus on mitigating challenges related to technology, process, and people, thus enabling a more efficient and cost-effective data modernization journey. The table below shares a high-level look at a sample of our library.

Accelerator Description Benefits
ABC Framework Captures audit, balance/reconciliation, control/config information in a relational format, providing insights into what has happened in the system.
  • Helps in trend and predictive analysis
  • Enables operational reporting
  • Easy/quick automation of reports, reducing manual efforts

Data Quality Framework

Provides insights into the data being loaded, also helping with data suppressions or data rejections
  • Can easily add/modify business rules without code changes
  • Logs and rejects invalid data, with reasons
Dedupe Framework

Helps identify the latest record and remove the duplicates from the target.

  • Maintains one version of truth in the target/destination storage
  • Users can focus on the business use cases instead of correcting/optimizing their queries
Schema Evolution

Modules that track the change in schema, pause the executions, and notify to the relevant team members or source directly

  • Reduces the support effort of identifying the issue and following up with the source team
Operational Assistant (Powered By AI)

Platform that consumes inputs from multiple sources and infers the current system state.

  • Automates the identification and resolution of common IT issues
  • Ingests and analyzes data from various IT operations tools and devices

Accelerator Benefits

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our accelerators help reduce costs by lowering maintenance requirements and development efforts. They are scalable, allowing for easy incorporation of new data ingestion needs and modifications to data transformation rules.

Accelerated Delivery

Experience faster data ingestion and development with our robust frameworks. Our accelerators enable quick integration of data from various sources and facilitate seamless migration from legacy systems to the latest technologies.

Consistent Coding Standards

Maintain high standards of data management with our accelerators. They provide frameworks that ensure standardized and consistent coding practices across different projects, leading to improved data quality and reliability.

Accelerators in Action

Let’s take a look at how accelerators work within a project.

A leading financial services organization needed to streamline their data integration process to manage the rapidly increasing volume of data from disparate data sources. Working closely with the client’s team, our engineers used BBI’s data onboarding and transformation accelerators to integrate multiple data sources within weeks instead of months. This not only reduced their operational costs but also enhanced their ability to make data-driven decisions quickly and accurately.

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