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Meet BBI: Collaboration & Growth


BBI is fortunate enough to have several, global offices filled with collaborative and passionate people. Our leadership team encourages and fosters this growth-oriented culture. In our Bangalore, India office, for example, team members take the time to celebrate and connect throughout the year.  

In this post we’re offering a sneak peek at Life at BBI, a journey through snapshots and highlights from those 2023 events.

Office Anniversary 

The Bangalore office celebrated one year in September 2023. In addition to gorgeous decorations, delicious food, and some games, team members shared what made them proud to be a part of BBI.  

IMG_6804  IMG_6924

Independence Day 

On August 15th, our India offices celebrated Independence Day. This day recognizes when India became independent from the United Kingdom on August 15, 1947. Employees dressed in the colors of the Indian Flag for the celebrations and the office hosted a quiz competition. 

IMG_0327  IMG_0282


Diwali is a festive of Lights and one of the most important festivals in India. We celebrated Diwali on November 10th, with employees in traditional dress, and a variety of games/activities (both virtual and in-person). People in the Bangalore office had an opportunity to participate in an internal talent show to exhibit their talents and also win prizes. A special lunch was also arranged as a part of the celebrations.  

The office was decorated with flowers, rangoli, and lights. 

Diwali 11  Diwali 2

Christmas & New Years 

At the end of 2023, the focus was on gratitude and appreciation for all the amazing work done during a long year. We had virtual fun activities and games like a Christmas-themed wallpaper contest and other theme-based games. Appreciation day was included as a part of the celebrations.  

 Team members were encouraged to offer praise to colleagues and share thanks across functions.  

Thank you 1  Thank you 

Daily Celebration 

Above we’ve shared some of the bigger celebrations our India offices threw over 2023, but a culture of collaboration is more than just the big days.  

Every weekday, for example, L&D Consultant Deepa Malepati shares a motivational quote with the entire company (across three countries).  


In June, the Bangalore office celebrated International Yoga Day – a wellness program, emphasizing the benefits and importance of practicing yoga for a healthier lifestyle. They conducted an hour-long, team-wide yoga session. 

Yoga day

Every Wednesday is dedicated as Wellness Wednesday, where the HR team decides on the theme for the month and shares awareness on health and wellness. 

Wellness Wed Flyer - 27th Dec, 23 (2)

In September, our India teams celebrated Engineer’s Day, which recognizes Indian engineer Sir Mokshagundam Viswesvaraya. We thanked all employees for upholding BBI values and for all their efforts and contributions. 

Engineers Day

Sports events like BBI Cricket League and Badminton were organized to strengthen interpersonal relationships within the organization and the entire team participated enthusiastically. 


Be Collaborative 

Be Collaborative is a core BBI value, and one we take seriously. To learn more about how our team members work together, check out our recent post on last year’s Hacker Fest