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Cloud Services

Whether you're starting from scratch, or migrating a legacy system, we ensure your data is safe, accessible, and reliable. 

advanced tier services


We gather foundational information from stakeholders in order to plan practical, productive next steps.

Activities and Deliverables:

  • Completed scoping questionnaire
  • Business model processes 
  • User experience needs of the future state
  • Performance and security requirements
  • System-backward compatibility requirements
  • Data privacy and compliance requirements


With the foundational work done, in this phase everyone gains a full and complete understanding of the problem, solution, and the support model. Each team must become self-sufficient in terms of understanding of how the project will progress.

Activities and Deliverables:

  • Orientation checklist amongst function leaders, including business, technology, operations, and finance
  • Document transformation program goals for the leads to take the program forward
  • Solution baselining and data mapping
  • Establish change management process, application landscape, application Architecture, and data migration approach

Implement & Deploy

Transformation and Technology teams execute the detailed roadmap established in previous phases.

Activities and Deliverables:

  • Agile project management
  • Multi-Channel communication and coordination
  • Certified, production-ready architecture


Transformation teams make to digital experience for end-users and customers, along with a final hand-off to the platform and product support teams. 

Activities and Deliverables:

  • Training sessions for internal teams
  • Knowledge transfer and documentation to support teams
  • Implementation of post-deployment observability process

Performant, Scalable Cloud Architecture