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Data Management

Cost-effective platforms and solutions that scale with your business.


Fundamentals-first Approach

Reliable, efficient data management is more important than ever. Build the right foundation, and ensure your organization is ready for the future.

BBI was founded by data engineers, and specializes in delivering hands-on, expert data engineering. Our tech-agnostic, practical approach is rooted in a profound understanding of the nuts and bolts of data systems, focusing on real-world applications and results.

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Data Management Services

From foundational infrastructure work, to implementing new data platforms and technologies on a global scale, we're ready to empower your organization.


Data Management Tools

Thanks to our internal university and tech-agnostic approach, our teams can get started quickly with the right tools for the job. 

Examples from past projects include:

  • dbt
  • Docker
  • Apache Spark, Kafka, and Airflow
  • Alation
  • Terraform
  • Jenkins
  • Jupyter

Data Lake in a Day

Our own version of Infrastructure as code for Data Analytics, using open source tooling and built in a day. 

BBI Spark Data Quality Framework

Data Quality assessment for structured and semi-structured datasets​.

BBI Audit Balance and Control Database

Tool-agnostic framework to capture and analyze data pipeline metrics. ABC Database modeled to aid data reconciliation, exception-handling and retries.

Dremio Automation

APIs built to manage Dremio PDS, VDS, Reflections, Engines, Queues, and Data Masking; integrated into modern data virtualization architectures​.

Schema Evolution Enabler

Apache Spark-based framework to enable schema evolution in a production environment​.

Historical Data Processes

Robust big data processing framework built in Apache Spark for one-time population and automated validation of big datasets​.


Recent Projects

Data Operations in Retail

A leading retail enterprise needed to modernize their data management, while migrating on-prem applications to Google Cloud Platform. 

BBI focused on achieving high availability, scalability, reliability, and maintainability of data components. The resulting framework leveraged a variety of Google Cloud tools to build and automated, secure system. 

Data Management in FinTech

An online lending organization was separating its B2B and B2C data operations. They needed a modern data platform that enabled data-driven decision making and supported them as they scaled.

BBI successfully built a B2C platform that assessed customer credit-worthiness and modernized the client’s data systems for the future

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is BBI right for my organization?

The data ecosystem is full of hype and big promises — use technology and be the best. We're not interested in hype or bragging rights, our organization's expertise has been forged over years of hands-on data management experience. We've been around long enough to know what matters, and what doesn't. 

Our goal is your success, which means we operate with agility and flexibility — focusing on simplicity so we can pass those savings onto you. 

Too often, organizations get lost in that hype forest. Let us be your guide, helping you scale without sacrificing operational efficiency.

How do I get started?

Contact our team at or click the meeting link below to set up a quick call. Once we have a better sense of your project, we'll arrange an assessment meeting to dive into your challenges and goals.

Based on the assessment results, we'll build a custom proposal for your organization for you to review. Each step will be collaborative and unique to your business — customer empathy is embedded into BBI.

What is your pricing model?

We work hard to maintain competitive pricing, priding ourselves on our high quality cost-effective solutions. Our proposals consider a wide variety of factors when determining price — project size, onshore/offshore resources, timeline, and more. Please get in touch for more details around pricing.

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